Strategic Plan

Our Motto

Altiora Peto - Seek Higher Things

We Value 

Meaningful relationships, integrity, high expectations, respect

Our Mission 

Educating fine young men towards outstanding achievement

Our Vision

Christchurch Boy's High School is a leading New Zealand boys school where we draw on our strong heritage and inclusive community. We value leading and connected educational practice. Every student through their relationships with their teachers and peers and their sense of belonging to Boys’ High School, can aspire to achieve higher things. We celebrate academic success and support this through sporting, cultural and social pursuits that enhance the character and quality of our fine young men. We develop men who can lead New Zealand and the world to be a better place.


Our Strategy Priorities

For the next 1-3 years, we will prioritise a "One School" approach to - 

1. Develop the CBHS Curriculum

“Boys have pathways for successful lives and our curriculum creates resilient, adaptable, hardworking thinkers and communicators with a strong sense of place and identity.”

Critical Dimensions: 

  • Pathways are open, flexible and responsive to meeting student’s needs 
  • The curriculum is student centered The curriculum aligns between the junior and senior school and to pathways beyond school 
  • The curriculum supports high levels of learner engagement 
  • The curriculum supports students’ post school choices and we work with students to assist them to realise those choices through appropriate pathway selection

2. Tracking and responding to student progress and achievement

“We know how every boy is doing and respond accordingly.”

Critical Dimensions: 

  • Effective progression monitoring 
  • Wider educational achievement
  • Teachers are supported to provide educational and pastoral care
  • Teachers know the boys well

3. Enhancing CBHS’ excellent teaching practice

“As a school we have a way of teaching boys that consistently meets the boys learning needs and enables them to  achieve aspirational goals.”

Critical Dimensions:

  • Culture of excellence in teaching and learning practice is exhibited in all aspects of CBHS’ operations
  • Teaching professionals individually and collectively own the learning outcomes of each and every student
  • Recognising that the relationship between teachers and students is the most important factor in student achievement
  • Commitment to development and support for teaching professionals
  • Teachers are involved in extracurricular activities

4. Planning for our future (Excellence in infrastructure)

“Preparing for the school’s future through having a clear vision and a considered and prudent approach to realising it.”

Critical Dimensions:

  • Understanding our needs
  • Embracing and planning for change
  • Prudent and transparent financial practices
  • Investing wisely in infrastructure
  • Excellence in educational delivery
  • Design spaces that reflect who we are and will be

5. Strengthening Community

“Evolving and defining our traditions and in doing so reinforcing the contribution CBHS makes to and with the community.”

Critical Dimensions:

  • Knowing what we stand for 
  • Understanding the value of our history 
  • Defining the traditions that make us who we are
  • Working with our communities of interest to involve them in the school’s future
  • Creating links with employers and tertiary organisations 
  • Enhancing our relationship with the PTA, Te Kura and the Whanau Group 
  • Building links with tertiary providers and employers
  • Celebrating our connection with our global family of Old Boys
  • Adams House is fostered and developed 
  • Recognising the value of extracurricular activities

What this looks like

The CBHS curriculum aligns between the junior and senior school and into pathways beyond school. The curriculum is wider than the classroom and considers the entire Boys’ High Experience – there is purpose to everything we do.

All students experience success in a wide range of educational outcomes and priority learners, including those capable of endorsement and scholarship, are targeted and are supported in order to experience success.

Our Teaching professionals develop and continually evolve a profile of effective teaching for CBHS which delivers on our culture of excellence and provides
guidance and support to the CBHS teaching community.

Download the CBHS Strategic Plan.