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09 March 2018

10 Gold medals, 4 silver and 1 bronze CBHS proud holders of 'The Champions Bell' - Rowing

Spectacular results from the South Island Secondary School Regatta in Twizel

10 Gold medals, 4 silver and 1 bronze. These results combined to give CBHS the South Island Championship. We are now proud holders of 'The Champions Bell'.
Top School with 106 Points, nearest school was Rangi Ruru on 64 Points

U18 coxless pair oars: Matt White, Will Gilbert

U16 coxed quad sculls: Liam Behrnes, Sam Wield, Liam Bunting, Angu Lill+ Caleb Fitzsimmons

U18 novice double sculls: Lachlan Hill, Jose de Sousa

U18 coxed quad sculls: Akin Brown, Lachlan Hill, James Dalzell, Jack Sutton + Alex Taylor

U18 coxed four: Matt White, Will Gilbert, Tom Woelders, Jack Chapman + Henry Shaw

U15 coxed quad sculls: Charlie Baker, William Bently, George Pirie, Harry Medlicott + Alex Taylor

U17 coxed four: James Glover, Akin Brown, Cameron Long, Angus Templeton + Tim Heritage

U17 coxed quad sculls: James Glover, Akin Brown, Lachlan Hill, Cameron Long + Tim Heritage

U15 coxed octuple sculls: Charlie Baker, William Bently, George Pirie, Harry Medlicott, Ben Zino, Archer Pascoe, Liam Carson, Max McKeich + Tim Heritage

U18 coxed eight: Matt White, Ben Lissaman, Jack Chapman, Will Gilbert, Tom Woelders, Cameron Henderson, Tom Fraser, Jack Sutton + Henry Shaw

U15 double sculls: Charlie Baker, Harry Medlicott

U17 coxed eight: James Glover, Ben Lissaman, Cameron Long, Akin Brown, Cameron Henderson, Tom Fraser, Ed MacAlister, Angus Templeton + Tim Heritage

U16 double sculls: Liam Behrnes, Angus Lill

U15 coxed four: George Gilbertson, George Pirie, Archer Pascoe, Ben Zino + Alex Taylor

U16 coxed eight: Angus Lill, Liam Behrnes, William Bently, Henry Woelders, Harry Medlicott, Oli Taylor, Charlie Baker, Liam Bunting + Henry Shaw