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18 October 2017

Alcohol and a father’s perspective when it goes wrong - Decisions, consequences, recovery - Community Invite

Alcohol and a father's perspective when it goes wrong - Decisions, consequences, recovery.

All senior students and their parents are strongly encouraged to meet in the Hall at 7:00 pm on Wednesday the 18th of October (junior students and their families are welcome also) to hear a story of sadness, recovery, love and strength. A story with its origins in poor decisions around drinking and driving.

The school is encouraging our boys to have emotional conversations and the conversations around alcohol and around alcohol and driving are amongst the most important to have. These are conversations that we as adults have to be starting.

Are our boys doing enough to make themselves safe when they go out?

There is a parental role in making sure our boys are equipped to be safe.

In September 2008, George Cairney was a normal 17-year-old. By October 2008, he was in a coma. On October 1, 2008, George got into a car driven by a drunk driver. George's recovery from his injuries is a story of love and optimism.

George will speak about his decision to travel with a drunk driver and of his recovery, he will be supported by Graham Clarke a friend of George’s mother who has taken on a mentor role for George and who also has a story to tell.

This invitation is extended to the communities of all Canterbury Schools.