CBHS 2015 Ero Report and Board Chair Comments

The Board of Trustees is pleased to present the latest Education Review Office Report for Christchurch Boys High School.

ERO reviews all schools on a regular basis to give the Minister of Education, parents and the wider school community assurance about the quality of education schools provide and students receive.

I directly quote the conclusion of the reviewers when they have said:

“Christchurch Boys’ High School supports boys well to balance academic achievement against service, sporting and cultural pursuits. Students achieve well with most leavers gaining at least NCEA Level 2.  Boys are proud to belong to the school and value the focus on becoming a fine young man. The school is benefiting from strengthened professional leadership. The wider school community strongly supports the school.”

ERO look at the leadership of the school and have noted “the Headmaster and senior leaders are leading purposefully” and have also commented on work done in using external expertise and improving the effectiveness of evaluation, reporting and planning.

The review team noted in the body of the report “the percentage of school leavers with NCEA Level 2 or better has been consistently higher than the government’s 2017 target of 85% and in 2014 lifted to over 92%.” They also wrote “students achieve to very high levels in numeracy and literacy, and in gaining certificates at Levels 1 and 2.”

Retention is an important factor in success in later life and they recognised that “a high percentage of boys who begin in Year 9 remain at the school throughout their secondary education.”

ERO, when visiting schools, looks at how effective the school is at promoting the educational success for Maori and have noted on the progress made in strengthening what is done to support success as Maori. They have endorsed the Schools increase of visibility of te ao Maori and development of culturally responsive practices.

All schools need to be ready to change and meet challenges of shifting experience and expectations of students, as well as the community. The school is always working on identifying ways that learning can be improved. It was pleasing to see that ERO have agreed with the paths the school has identified to take as next steps to lift student performance.

The Board acknowledge the time taken in planning for the visit by the Headmaster, Senior Management, Heads of departments, teaching and support staff and thank them for their time and work.

Click here for the full report, it will be available for the general public via the ERO website in just over a week’s time.

Altiora Peto

John Osborne, Chairman, Christchurch Boys’ High School Board of Trustees