2019 ERO (Education Review Office) Report

The school’s 2019 ERO review has been confirmed. This positive review states that Christchurch Boys' High School is well placed to achieve valued outcomes for students. The report summarises the school’s key strengths:

  • promoting a positive and inclusive school culture that builds a sense of belonging for students
  • maintaining the school’s valued traditions alongside innovation for meeting the learning and well being needs, and the aspirations of students
  • using feedback effectively in a range of areas to inform decision making and future improvements

The review makes positive comments about the school’s culture having the needs and aspirations of students at its heart and an environment that is conducive to student learning and well being, through on-going reinforcement of clear and consistent expectations. It also identifies meaningful and positive relationships between students and teachers and an overall culture of respect and empathy.

ERO have identified the next steps for the school as

  • extending and embedding the use of data management practices to ensure clarity about patterns of overall progress and achievement of Years 9 and 10 students
  • adapting the curriculum to ensure that it better supports the learning pathways and aspirations of students who choose alternative options beyond their time at school.

Congratulations to the Board of Trustees, staff, boys and other community members on this report.

Altiora Peto
Nic Hill