Master Planning

The theme of belonging and identity has been a strong one in our Master Planning and design discussions and as per the Strategic Plan there will be an emphasis on designing spaces that enable high academic achievement and that will emphasise and enable quality relationships between students and teachers. 

 Please continue to check in as we update the Master Plan in the upcoming months.

Master Planning Update 3 March 2015

A Design and Control Group (DCG) has been meeting since last term to look at the Master Plan for Christchurch Boys’ High School.

The Board (primarily through the Strategic Planning process) received a clear message from the school community about the importance of Boys’ High School’s sense of belonging and the centrality to that of the School Hall. The Ministry of Education’ property calculator would only give us entitlement to a hall that seats approximately 350 students. The only way we can retain a large hall is to repair our current one.

The DCG has come up with three master plans for the school one of which includes repairing the current hall. The Board will be evaluating these plans and then looking to progress the repair of the school in a timely fashion with limited disruption.

It should be noted that an approximate construction price for the Master Plans shown here is around the $35 million mark. The Ministry of Education has allocated $25 million for the school. Preliminary feedback on the plans is welcomed and is best directed to the Headmaster (Nic Hill) or the Board Chair (John Osborne).


Master Planning Update 28 March 2013

The Board of Trustees have met with the Ministry of Education to discuss the Master Plan, the budget for the school and the timing of the rebuild. The Board is looking for community feedback on this Master Plan and is hopeful of making being able to make a decision in April to proceed. A decision to proceed with this plan will allow the repair of the Hall and Library to begin. (If the decision were made to rebuild these facilities they would be rebuilt to a fraction of their current size.

This sequencing document shows a proposed timeline for the repair of the school. It takes into account the need for decant classrooms and also the Ministry of Education's budget for Christchurch Boys' High School. This budget does not include the New Gym nor the development of the Kahu Road entrance. The Ministry of Education have told us they are unwilling to review the information this budget was based on - this does limit the scope of the plan.

Your feedback is welcome. Please contact the Headmaster (Nic Hill) or the Board Chair (John Osborne).

Master Planning Update 17 April 2015

The latest master planning drawings are here. Feedback is still encouraged and we would appreciate you completing this brief survey on our Hall. Please contact the Headmaster (Nic Hill) or the Board Chair (John Osborne).

Master Planning Update 3 June 2015

Master Planning over the past 12 months has enabled us to establish and receive the Ministry of Education's agreement and support for a hall that seats the entire school.  Please find here the latest report.

Master Planning Update 27 June 2015

The Board of Trustees has approved this Aspirational Brief for the Master Plan and hope to have a complete Master Plan by the end of July. Design for the Hall has started and there is a 20 month time frame from the start of design until completion. Once the Master Plan is complete we will start the design of the Library. Please contact the Headmaster (Nic Hill) or the Board Chair (John Osborne) if you wish to ask any questions or make comment.

Master Planning Update 22 June 2015

This document shows the bulk and location layout for the School.  We are now moving into the design of the hall.

Master Planning Update 16 November 2015

We now have a confirmed brief for the Hall (key pages are 31 and 32). Our Architects are currently using the brief to develop a concept plan for the Hall and we hold community consultation on this on December 9 at 7:30 in the Big Room. Demolition of the  current Hall has begun and the timeline for construction to cube complete is ANZAC Day 2017.

Master Planning Update 10 December 2015

Here is a pre-concept design report showing possible plans for the Hall. Feedback on these plans is welcomed by the BOT by the end of the 13th of December. This feedback will be considered at the December 16 meeting. Feedback can be sent to the email address

Master Planning Update 17 December 2015

The Board of Trustees (BOT) has endorsed the pre concept “Horse Shoe Mezzanine” design for the School Hall and have requested that the Ministry of Education (MOE) and architects Jasmax prepare this design for review by the Ministry of Education’s Design Review Panel on the 18th of January. This  design meets the brief for the Hall within the budget set by the MOE.

The Board are excited about being able to provide a venue for the entire school to meet by the target date of ANZAC Day 2017. In endorsing this design the BOT commends the school community for its interest and support and note the influence of staff and other community members on the design. Community influence has been influential in ensuring a desire to future proof the Hall by incorporating fittings for the addition of future lighting or other equipment and consideration of how the Hall fits into the Master Plan for the school (Green rooms, toilets, kitchen facilities, storage). The Board will seek further community input as we near key design milestones. The Board thanks everyone involved for their support for this very exciting project. The Board also acknowledge the work of David Hobern and Sonny Sun at the local Ministry of Education office - relationships at this level are very good.

Master Planning Update 1 February 2016

The demolition of the school Hall has taken a pause for the start of Term One. The building is down and the concrete slab and foundations will be removed over 12 days during the next school holidays. Delays were caused by the discovery of asbestos in underground pipes, however, we have been issued a clean air certificate.

Our architects Jasmax have submitted this long term Master Plan for School. The Board of Trustees will look at this Master Plan on the 23rd of February and will consider community feedback before approving it. Community feedback can be submitted via the email address by the 14th of February. This Master Plan provides the long term vision for the school campus and the next step will be to work out the staging and funding of the proposed development.

Master Planning Update 16 March 2016 - Hall Location

Plans for the new school hall have developed well and the demolition of the damaged hall went smoothly during the school holidays. The demolition has made a remarkable change to the school’s physical surrounds and we have received comments about the space and whether it would form a useable courtyard.

The Ministry of Education have seen the space as well and have invited the Board to consider moving the location of the Hall.

Attached are two alternative conceptual drawings showing the hall in different locations. The Board welcome your reactions and thoughts to these drawings. The Board will consider community feedback as well as architectural advice and the school’s strategic documents (including the hall brief) in making a decision as to where to locate the hall. In making a decision heritage and memorial considerations will be respected.

The Board of Trustees are taking a long term view for the rebuild project. Both locations will give us a hall that accommodates the entire school roll.

You can submit your feedback to the email address . Please do so by the 5:00 pm on the 30th of March.

Master Planning Update 9 August 2016

The Board of Trustees have approved a Master Plan for the school and have also approved the detailed design for the Hall

Master Planning Update 9 March 2017

The Board of Trustees have approved these Principles for Classroom Design as we head into the next stage of our rebuild, that being, the design and construction of the new Caddick and Caldwell block.

Master Planning Update 28 November 2017

Classroom design has begun! Athfield Architects have revalidated the Master Plan and the design team is currently engaging with staff and students. Preliminary design is expected to be complete by February. 

Master Planning Update 2018

The preliminary design for the Caddick / Caldwell Block is here

Master Planning Update 2019

Click here  for the latest link of updated plans, aerial perspective and a look at inside the buildings