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10 February 2020

CBHS Year 9 Camps 2020 - Postponed

The Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre is a leading provider of outdoor education to schools and community groups in New Zealand. Their programmes engage, teach, challenge and inspire the young and not so young, in beautiful alpine surroundings.

The Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre is operated by the not-for-profit North Canterbury Alpine Trust. They are based 15km south of the Lewis Pass, nestled between the Sylvia Tops and the Libretto mountain range. They provide tailormade outdoor education based programmes for school groups as well as offering a number of their own "Boyle" courses. Adventure based learning (ABL) is a core component of everything that they do.

Camps run for 3 days from Monday to Wednesday and Wednesday to Friday with Wednesday being the crossover day.

Click here for more information, click here for the gear list