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15 May 2019

Community Day Friday 31 May - Years 9 & 10 students

Friday 31 May is a teacher only day and students are not expected to be at school. However on this day our Year 9 and 10 students are being asked to participate in a community service of their choice (originally postponed due to bad weather).

The boys need to find some suitable community service work. This work is not paid and is an opportunity for them to engage with our community.

There is an option to participate in a clean-up at the following :

Sumner beach, Hagley Park and Avon river community service clean up -  the meeting time for all three services is at 10am. The community service will last until 11.30am. Boys that signed up at school, should bring a bag to collect rubbish and some gloves. Monitors will be leading this initiative and will take a roll at each venue. Boys are expected to get themselves to and from each of the venues and bring with them their permission forms.

Meeting points at 10 am

  • Sumner Beach meeting point - beside Cave rock/Beach bar
  • Hagley Park - Golf club
  • Avon River - Fendalton road/Mona Vale

Boys are not expected to wear school uniform. They should consider the conditions, and wear clothes that are appropriate.  Sunscreen, a hat and some water is advisable. 

In case of wet weather, a HAIL will be sent at 9am to confirm cancellation. 

The boys will be provided with a form to be completed as evidence of their service for this day by their Kaitiaki teacher.

Community service aligns closely with the values of CBHS and we see this as a great opportunity for our students to give back to the community. We hope the boys will make the most of the day and that the experience will be a positive one.