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30 July 2020

Cycling NZ Schools' Recognition Awards - Gary McNaughton

It was a real pleasure to receive a letter from Cycling New Zealand recently. The letter recognised the CBHS Teacher-in-Charge of Cycling – Gary McNaughton with respect to the Cycling New Zealand Schools Recognition Awards

From - Brynn Gilbertson, Chairman Cycling New Zealand Schools, On behalf of the Executive.

Dear Gary,

We are delighted to inform you that we received nominations recognising your personal contribution for the ‘Outstanding Contribution’ as well as the ‘Coach of the Year’ category.

Therefore, I am writing on behalf of the Cycling New Zealand Schools Executive, to recognise and thank you for your contribution to Schools Cycling. We feel it is important to recognise people like yourself who are the backbone of the Schools Cycling system.

The nomination we received recognises you as an outstanding coach who motivates, supports, enables and is 100% behind your riders leading with a positive growth mindset and a can do attitude. You have been recognised as an outstanding team manager, who is highly organised, supportive, inclusive and dedicated to ensuring your riders have a successful campaign at all levels and have fun. You ensure new riders to the team are fully supported by all riders, which has led to an amazing and enviable cycling community within your school.