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25 June 2020

It doesn't snow in Fiji Sir .... International students get their first taste of snow

A group of Christchurch Boys’ High School International students had their first taste of Mount Hutt this week, scoring a picture-perfect day on the mountain.

Eleven Students from Korea, Italy, Argentina and Fiji all attended the ski day on Mount Hutt starting with a lesson and ending with a glorious day across the well-groomed field.

It was the first time Fijian student Peni Gavidi had ever seen snow. Once calming his nerves from the ride up the access road, he proved himself a fast learner and it wasn’t long before he was flying down the learners slope like a Fijian winger yelling ‘I’m a natural!’ to anyone who would listen.

Andrealuca (Italy) and Vincente (Argentina) were seasoned pros. They passed on the lesson and were soon witnessed traversing down the mountain from the ‘Virgin Mile’.

Korean students Seungyun, HyungYoon, Janghoon and Junhyeok, displayed their confidence from previous sessions on the mountains in their home country and clocked up multiple runs from the top of the mountain throughout the day.

CBHS currently has 48 International students who chose to remain in New Zealand during the pandemic and lockdown. A special thank you goes out to all of the local families who supported them during this time.

If you are interested in hosting International students, then please contact