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07 November 2019

Year 10 Activity Week - Important Information

Hopefully by now you have all had a chance to look over the activities and have chosen one or even have a reserve. A few very important notes:

 Selection is on first in first served basis. Once the activity is full, the option for it will become unavailable

  • With the Gore Bay activity- selection is dependent on your boys behaviour throughout the course of this year. If he is deemed a risk for Health and Safety or a risk that he could have a negative impact on the trip, he will not be selected. I will let you know if this has been decided, however you are probably aware if this is likely to be him or not. In this instance, it will be easiest just to choose another option. 
  • If an option does not have appropriate numbers, and it is not feasible to run it, we will let you know and you can choose another.
  • All questions/queries please email Michelle Tracey at as she is the main point of contact from here with regards to selection and payment

To choose the activity, log in to your parent portal, select online payments- other payments- then select your activity. Once payment has been made, your boy will be on that particular activity.

The deadline for selection is Thursday 28/11. The form will close after this date and your boy will need to attend school as normal for the Activities Week.