Old Boys


The High School Old Boys’ Association was formally brought into existence on the 19th of July, 1912. The Association’s aims are to keep Old Boys in touch with the school, and to direct their attention to matters concerning the advantage and welfare of the school.

Some of the key themes of the school’s history have been the successes of its old boys and their influence in all facets of New Zealand life. Remarkably a number of Boys’ High Old Boys have gone on to become principals of other schools. Three old boys number amongst the 11 Headmasters of Christchurch Boys' High School. Other than education Old Boys have made their mark in the law, commerce, medicine, engineering, politics, literature, sport, the performing arts and the military. Perhaps New Zealand’s greatest soldier, Sir Howard Kippenberger, attended Boys’ High School as did his fellow Brigadier James Burrows. In the 1960’s New Zealand’s Army, Navy and Airforce were all lead by old boys. 359 Old Boys have died fighting for New Zealand and the school’s ANZAC service has special significance.

We are proud to thank our Old Boys for their service. See a list of recent achievements from the Old Boys community click on the links below :
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