Fine Young Man Award

In keeping with the school motto, “Altiora Peto” – I seek higher things, Christchurch Boys' High School places great importance on the development of fine young men. Students are encouraged to lead a balanced life and to continue striving to be the best that they can be across all aspects of school life - academic, sporting, the arts and culture, service and responsibility. 

Here are the paramount goals and guiding principles of the Fine Young Man Award

  • To provide a supportive environment within which each student is empowered to reach his full potential as a young man.

  • To encourage and foster the following attributes and attitudes in the young men of Christchurch Boys' High School:
    • personal resilience
    • the ability to work as part of a team
    • a willingness to serve without expectation of reward
    • humble in success, determined in defeat
    • the desire to strive for excellence in all areas

  • To build on our reputation as a school that demands high standards in academic and co-curricular performance.

  • To produce leaders in all fields of endeavour who inspire others to perform and achieve.

  • To reinforce the idea of leading a balanced life; too little or too much involvement compromises the ability to ‘seek higher things’.

  • To highlight the paramount importance of academic achievement.

Download the booklet for the Fine Young Man Award 2019 here