Welcome to the Christchurch Boys' High School Careers Department. We are located on the ground level of C Block next to the Guidance Counsellor's office.

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Deciding which subjects to take at school, making well-informed career and tertiary study plans can be challenging and even daunting especially when you don't know what is available or what you'd like to do. The answer is to invest time in yourself during your busy student life.

CBHS Careers staff can assist you in making decisions in regards to subject choices and offer guidance in deciding future study opportunities. Many boys are unsure of what it is they want to do when they leave school and often they just want to drop in and chat about what their options are.

In Christchurch we are very lucky to be surrounded be high quality tertiary providers offering a wide variety of training. You can study at University, Polytech or at a Private Tertiary provider and receive excellent qualifications that will assist you in gaining exciting jobs and a future career path.

Feel free to drop in and complete the career assessments to enhance your self-awareness of your strengths and preferences. Research subject, career and study options by sourcing key information using our web-site full of comprehensive links to careers and subjects, all the universities and polytechnics, overseas study and GAP year options

Decide and make plans, supported by skilled career guidance and counselling. Help with CV preparation and handling selection interviews for jobs, limited entry courses and scholarships are also available.