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Friday, 22 June 2018
Year 10 Mr Ferguson's Year 10 J and I Health classes in the library. FRG
Mr Ferguson's Year 10 classes are in the Library 10J p2, and 10I p3. Don't be late.
All years Student Forum Meeting LWJ
Student Forum Meeting - Tuesday 26 June at lunchtime in T3. All class reps must attend. The meeting is also open to others from any year level who are interested and want to attend. 

Any items for discussion to Mitch Redman.
There will be a meeting at interval on Friday in the small gym for those that have bought tickets to pick them up.
Years 11 and 12 NZ Biology Olympiad PSL
Opportunity to represent NZ. 
NZIBO fosters interest, participation, and excellence in biology through participation of secondary school students in the New Zealand Biology Olympiad Programme. The programme provides University level education in Biology to those students selected to participate in the online tutorial programme. 

NZIBO ensures that the students who participate have the necessary knowledge to compete successfully at the International Biology Olympiad (IBO) should they be selected to represent New Zealand at this prestigious international competition. 

For more information see Miss Pears.
All years Found key PRJ
A key attached to a Green circular disk with" Wild Buck, New Zealand Ale" on it has been handed in. Found in the weights room last week. If it is yours please see the bursar today.
Juniors Loan Devices PSJ
Please ensure that loan devices are returned to a member of staff in the IT Office. Please do not leave them on the shelf unattended. If there is not a staff member present, then please hand your device to a member of staff in the library.
Years 12 and 13 University of Canterbury presentation WBR
Students considering studying at the University of Canterbury when they leave school please be seated in the Hall by 8:30am next Wednesday 27 June. UC staff will be giving a presentation.
Years 12 and 13 Blazer Pockets to be collected PRJ
The following boys have Blazer Pocket awards ready for collection from Bursars Office: 

Year 12 
Daniel Chong 
Julun Hung 
Oliver Milne 
Jack Williams 

Year 13 
Jack Sutton 
Jack Muir 
Jack Chapman 
Jamie Gambles
All years Adidas Gloves PRJ
A pair of black Adidas gloves has been handed into Bursars Office. If they are yours please see the Bursar today.
All years 40 Hr Famine Money PRJ
Any outstanding "40 Hour Famine Money" and Booklets, still outstanding are to be given to the Bursars office by end of this week please.
All years CBHS Rowing DVG
Could the following boys pick up their Maadi Cup rowing awards from Mr Davis in the Sports Directors office: 

Tom Woelders, Ben Lissaman, Tom Fraser, Jack Chapman, Henry Shaw, Matthew White, Will Gilbert, Jack Sutton and Cameron Henderson
All years CBHS U15 Gold vs U15B - Social Basketball FRG
CBHS U15B vs U15 Gold will be played on Monday the 23rd of June in the big gym at lunch time. 
This is due u15 Golds Year 11's, having exams next week. 
Thank you