Weekly Note

The Weekly Note System (WNS): Years 9 -13

  1. Each subject teacher, enters a grade 1-5 (see 'grade criteria' sheet) into our student management database for each student in their class by midday on Friday. This grade is not based on academic performance, but is a subjective impression of a student's attitude and application to their studies and homework over that week (Friday to Thursday).

  2. Subject grades are averaged to produce a single score, referred to as the 'Weekly Note'. Individual subject scores, as well as the average, are then sent to the student's parent / caregiver email address that is currently held on our database. We would expect this to occur mid afternoon on a Friday. The Dean and Form Teacher will be able to access a weekly summary for their students and they can use this data to both reward endeavour and to provide support / guidance for those who may require it.

    As a general guide, a Weekly Note of 3 is regarded as satisfactory. Scores in the first few weeks could be expected to hover around the 3 mark as it takes some time for teachers to get to know who is who in each class. Students who are maximising their learning opportunities should be scoring in the 4-5 range consistently from about Week 6 of Term 1 on.

  3. To ensure that this system provides worthwhile information for students, their families and the school, it is important that all students receive a grade for every subject, every week. There will however be times where this is not possible; for example, where a student or a teacher is absent from school for a substantial part of that week.

    The number of 'periods out of class' (both explained and unexplained) for that week is also included in the email home. This assists parents / caregivers to support their boys in catching up on work missed.

  4. Parent enquiries about their son's weekly note grades should be directed to the Year Level Dean in the first instance.

    Year 9: Mrs Christine Welsh welshc@staff.cbhs.school.nz
    Year 10: Mr Chris Kilkelly kilkellyc@staff.cbhs.school.nz 
    Year 11: Mr Mark Lane laneml@staff.cbhs.school.nz
    Year 12: Mr Gary McNaughton mcnaughtong@staff.cbhs.school.nz
    Year 13: Mr Wayne Waller wallerwm@staff.cbhs.school.nz
  5. A teacher comment can be made beside each student if needed (max 160 characters). A comment is mandatory if a student scores less than a 3 to enable parents to address the issue directly with their son.

  6. Parents / caregivers should understand that this system is in no way a reporting tool along the lines of the two formal reports a student receives each year. Rather, it is a subjective assessment of an individual teacher's impression of a student's attitude and application in a given week. We hope it is a positive catalyst for a weekly conversation between parents and sons about how their week at school went.

    Finally, it is essential that the school maintains an accurate and up to date email address for each student's parent / caregiver. Please let the school know if your details change during the year so that you can continue to receive the Weekly Note data.